BlowOut Auctions

Blowout Penny Auctions are a new type of auction where users can get fantastic deals on brand new items. The catch is that each bid costs a little bit of money – typically under $1.00. 

This list contains the best Blowout penny auction sites:
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The best free online auction sites with site reviews and online auction sites links. Compare features, prices and browse the free online auction sites to help you make the most informed decision as to which online auction site is right for you.
Free Online Auction Site
Bidito is an penny auction site that focuses on customer satisfaction. Key Features of Ebay: 1) 10 free bids just for signing up!  2) Maximum Price, the item will never go above this price. 3) Invite friends and get more free bids. 4) Buy now options. 5) Free Auctions 6) Become a Seller and more…
One of the oldest sites around. Hard to win anything, but lots of products. Slow. Same auctions run in multiple countries, which means you are competing with people from all over the world.
Lots of free bids and a few products. Kind of slow, but one of the leaders. Good customer support.